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the Agri-Food Tech 

Arugga is developing autonomous ground robots to treat and monitor all plants in the greenhouse, in order to replace labor, reduce cost and increase yield.

BlueTree enables the global production of great-tasting reduced-sugar natural beverages. BlueTree’s proprietary technology and system physically and selectively reduces sugar content (up to 50%) from a 100% squeezed natural juice.

Brevel developed groundbreaking technology for the cultivation of high-quality microalgae at unprecedented costs.

Clarifruit’s AI-powered QC software platform uses advanced computer-vision technology to automate fresh produce quality inspection and evaluation The platform also helps digitize and standardize the quality control process, giving the company accurate and high-quality real-time data, as well as actionable insights.

Edete is developing artificial pollination technology as a service.
Edete's technology is based on two phases:
Pollen production and storage
Artificial pollination pollen dispersal. 

SOLATO introduces a countertop, single serve rapid freezing machine. Using capsules to produce gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet and frozen coffee. Solato’s unique solution allows them to produce fresh ice cream in about 60 seconds, with over 25 flavors.

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